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Finding Addresses

Most e-mail clients have an option to allow you to search for other users' e-mail addresses on your e-mail system. There are also Web interfaces to address books; for example, the Web interface to the IU Address Book is available at . Most clients also allow you to store addresses you use frequently in address books.

On this page:

Locating an address

Finding an IU e-mail address

Finding a non-IU e-mail address

Using Outlook Express for Windows to find an address

Using Outlook Express 5 or Entourage for Mac OS to find an address

Using the IU Address Book

Missing entries in the IU Address Book 

Your listing in the IU Address Book

Changing the information in your online IU Address Book entry 

Removing your information from the IU Address Book

Personal address books


Addressing e-mail

Creating a Personal Address Book

Adding new names to a Personal Address Book

Adding senders or recipients to a Personal Address Book 

Changing the default address book

Making the Personal Address Book display above the Global Address List (Mac OS) (Windows)

IU Webmail

Adding/removing address book entries in Webmail

Converting personal address books

Converting an e-mail address book into another format

Importing a Pine address book into Netscape Communicator 4.x

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