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Using Attachments

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E-mail attachments can include such items as sound, video, or picture files; documents produced with word processing software; PDF files; and many other types of files. When such files are sent via e-mail, they are attached to a normal e-mail message. The exact way in which you send and open attachments depends upon your mail client.

Unfortunately, e-mail attachments are a primary means of virus transmission, so exercise extreme caution when opening them. You should never open attachments from unknown senders, and you should scan attachments from people you know with antivirus software before opening them. Attachments are most infectious when you use a graphical client such as Microsoft Outlook, but text-based clients such as Pine can still transmit viral attachments. See the Viruses section for more information.

Sending, viewing, and downloading attachments

Transferring files via e-mail

Using attachments in Webmail

Using attachments in OWA

Attaching files or messages in Microsoft Outlook

Removing attachments in Microsoft Outlook

Working with attachments in Mac OS X Mail

Problems with attachments

Problems in Eudora for Mac OS or Mac OS X

Outlook Express 6

Outlook Web Access

.msg attachments in OWA

Problems with certain extensions in OWA

Automatic downloading in Outlook Express 5 for Mac OS

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Restrictions on attachment types

At IU, what types of attachments are blocked from my e-mail account

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