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Sending e-mail to groups of people

There are several ways to send an e-mail message to multiple recipients, including personal distribution lists and Oncourse or roster lists. Information on these tools is available below.

Note, however, that IU prohibits the use of electronic mail for mass mailings intended for all university or campus faculty and/or staff. It also prohibits the use of electronic mail or mailing lists for commercial purposes.

On this page:


Sending e-mail to a large group

IU's mass mailing policy

Sending mail to a class (for instructors)

Personal distribution lists

Distribution list basics

Distribution lists in Microsoft Outlook

Contacts-based group mailing in Microsoft Outlook

Distribution lists in Pine

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Oncourse mail and rosters

Enabling Oncourse mail notification

Sending Oncourse mail to students (for instructors)

Enabling Oncourse mail (for instructors)

Sending mail to a class (for instructors)

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