Organizing e-mail

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Depending on your e-mail client (and, to some extent, on the type of account you have), there are multiple ways in which you can organize your various e-mail messages. You can, for example, use folders and subfolders to group messages, change the display order of messages, and automatically move certain types of messages to certain folders.


Changing the order of messages

Arranging folder contents

Making personal folder files

Making additional folders

Moving messages

Offline folders

The AutoArchive function

Using rules to handle incoming mail (Windows) (Mac OS)

Outlook Web Access

Using folders

Changing the order of messages

Emptying the Deleted Items folder

Moving or copying messages

IU Webmail

Using folders

Moving messages

Sorting the messages in a folder

Searching for messages

Outlook Express and Entourage

Displaying the Folder List

Moving or saving multiple messages

Backing up messages

Importing saved messages

Mac OS X Mail

Creating incoming mail filters

Removing deleted items

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