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Problems sending or receiving e-mail

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Below are resources for diagnosing and solving common e-mail problems. E-mail problems can arise with your account itself or with the configuration of your e-mail client (the software you use to access your e-mail account), and it's not always easy to tell which of these is to blame. Keeping your account within its alloted size (i.e., its "quota") by deleting and/or moving messages, and properly specifying your preferred address, will save you from the most common problems with mail receipt. With regard to sending mail, correctly specifying your SMTP mail server in the configuration of your client, and using the proper addresses for your recipients, will avoid two of the most common problems.

Note: Most IU South Bend students Shakespeare (Webmail) e-mail accounts. Employees, faculty, and staff have Exchange accounts instead or in addition.

General problems

Common mail receipt problems

Problems sending mail (especially out of the IU system) in Webmail

"Too many hops" errors

Receiving duplicate copies of e-mail messages

Missing Exchange mail in Microsoft Outlook

Nuisance or erroneous bounced e-mail messages

Quota problems

What to do when you go over quota on your Shakespeare or Jewel account

Checking your quota usage on your Shakespeare or Jewel account

IMAP and local quotas on the Shakespeare and Jewel systems

What to do when you go over quota on your Exchange account

Checking your quota usage on your Exchange account

Exchange mailbox quotas

Preferred address and forwarding problems

Registering your preferred address

Making an Exchange account your preferred address

Delays in preferred address changes

Strangely reformatted forwards in Outlook

Mailing list problems

Non-receipt of distribution list mail

Receiving multiple copies of distribution list mail

"User unknown" messages in Majordomo

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