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Reading e-mail

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Basics of using e-mail clients

Not all clients are compatible with all kinds of accounts. The table below shows which clients can be used with each type of account. (Graphical clients include Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and Netscape.) Click a client or client class for configuration information for your operating system:

Outlook Web Access      

Outlook Desktop clients

Your e-mail address

Your e-mail address is a combination of your IU username and your campus e-mail domain. For example, e-mail addresses at ISUB take the form

Permanent alumni e-mail addresses

Information about username changes

Setting a preferred address and reading all of your e-mail there

If you have multiple e-mail accounts, you can choose one to be your primary or preferred account, and then have all of your e-mail forwarded from your other accounts to the preferred account. Please see the documents below for more information:

Using e-mail

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