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IU South Bend - IT Wireless Guidelines

The intent of wireless access is to provide network access in those areas where traditional network wiring is impractical. Wireless networking should not be considered as a viable alternative to a direct wired network. Whenever possible, wired connectivity should be utilized, particularly in individual offices.

Wireless access points are limited in quality and quantity. The more users that share a particular access point, the less bandwidth is available to each user. As such, wireless access should only be considered a short term network connection for ordinary tasks such as email and web browsing.

IU South Bend IT is committed to providing advanced network resources to the IU South Bend community. IT has incorporated a wireless network to encompass major public areas, such as lounges, the green mall, library and the cafeteria. A complete list of IT installed wireless access points are maintained on the IT webpage.

Appropriate locations for departmental wireless access points would be locations such as conference rooms, student collaborative rooms or labs where there is not already adequate coverage by an IT installed unit.

The FCC restricts the number of channels available to wireless access points, therefore, there is a finite number of wireless access points which can share air space in any given range. Because wireless access points are essentially an open gateway to the network, and since IT is ultimately responsible for the security of the IU South Bend network and its adherence to Indiana University’s network policies, IT requires certain considerations when incorporating a wireless access point.

  • Security: All wireless access points will be attached to VPN enabled ports.
  • Equipment: The equipment should be approved by IT prior to purchase.
  • Configuration: Only IT personnel should configure and place a wireless access point on the network. This ensures that the wireless access point is properly setup, and will not interfere with other campus wireless equipment.
  • Site Approval: It may become necessary for IT to restrict placement of wireless access points.

IT may at any time disable a wireless access point should the unit prove to be a security risk to the network, if the equipment interferes with the main wireless infrastructure or if the above guidelines were not properly followed.