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IU South Bend Wireless Guidelines

(Abridged Version - Click for the  Extended/Complete Wireless Guideline)

  1. Wireless networking should not be considered as a viable alternative to a direct wired network. Whenever possible, wired connectivity should be utilized, particularly in individual offices.
  2. Wireless access should only be considered a short term network connection for ordinary tasks such as email and web browsing.
  3. Appropriate locations for departmental wireless access points would be locations such as conference rooms, student collaborative rooms or labs where there is not already adequate coverage by an IT installed unit. Individual offices are NOT considered appropriate locations.
  4. Wireless access points must be approved by IT prior to purchase.
  5. Only IT personnel should configure and place a wireless access point on the network. All wireless access points will be attached to VPN enabled ports.
  6. IT may, at any time, disable a wireless access point should the unit prove to be a security risk to the network, if the equipment interferes with the main wireless infrastructure or if the above guidelines were not properly followed.