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Knowledge Base

Before contacting the HelpDesk, it is often useful to check out Indiana University's Knowledge Base, a database of over 9,000 answers to questions about computing at Indiana University. IU South Bend contributes information to the knowledge base, making it a valuable resource for IU and IU South Bend related questions.

Student Technology Centers

Open Student Technology Centers (Computer Labs) are staffed with student computer consultants. They are available to answer questions about basic lab software and lab equipment. Questions not able to be answered by a lab consultant can be taken to the IT Helpdesk.

Note: Student Computer Consultants are unable to assist with class assignments. Students should seek the advise of their instructor on assignment based questions.

IT Helpdesk

The HelpDesk provides computing help to all IU South Bend students, faculty, and staff. Our trained staff are knowledgeable on the variety of software applications and hardware equipment found on the IU South Bend campus.

Location: DW 1245
Hours: Monday - Thursday 8am-8:30pm and Friday 8am-5pm

Useful Tips When Contacting HelpDesk

When reporting problems to the HelpDesk either by e-mail or voice mail, provide the following information:

  • Your name, department, phone extension, building, and office number.
  • A brief but precise description of your problem. Include any relevant information, such as what kind of computer you are using; what software (and what version) you are running; if you have had similar trouble in other programs; with what frequency you are experiencing the problem; what model printer (if it is a printer problem), etc.
  • Any recent changes on your system (new hardware, software, or moves).

Contact the HelpDesk at 520-5555 or .

There are several ways in which you can help expedite the service of your HelpDesk request:

  • Write down exactly what the error message in question says or have it displayed on your screen when you call the HelpDesk.
  • If you send your report to the HelpDesk by e-mail or voice mail, be sure to include the exact content of the error message.
  • If you have questions about a specific program, have the program running on your computer when you call the HelpDesk. The person on duty may be able to walk you through the procedure, and it helps if the computer is already turned on and the program is running.
  • Read your mail and the IT newsletter. Important information about changes or updates to the system are described there.
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