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Media Duplication Services

Media Services will digitize or duplicate:

  • Media made by you. (For example, a videotaped recording of a live activity).
  • Any media for which you have obtained express written permission to digitize or copy.
  • In some cases, very short exerpts from a program (5% is a rule of thumb).

Media Services will not usually digitize or duplicate:

  • Commercilaly produced media (unless written permission is provided).
  • Recordings taped from public television or cable TV (except as noted below).
  • Commercially produced instructional materials (for example, a CD included with a textbook).
  • Any media not created by you, or for which you do not have permission to digitize or copy.

Special exception for television recordings
Fair Use provides for a 45 day period of time subsequent to the airing and taping of a program for its use in the classroom. After this time this program may not be archived for instructional use and may no longer be used for classroom instruction without written permission from the producer of that program.

To inquire about specific examples or for more detailed information related to IMS services and copyright protection, contact Jim Yocom.

We can duplicate or convert your non-copyrighted media to other sources.
These include:

VHS to Digital
DVD to Digital   Digital to DVD
Audio Cassette to CD   Audio Cassette to Digital
PAL(foreign) to NTSC (US)    

We do not charge for conversions of duplications, however, we do require you to bring your own blank media.

For inquiries about copyright protection, read our guidelines or contact Jim Yocom