IU South Bend Campus Wide IT Policies

Data Handling Policies

Critical Data Storage Standard Policies regarding the Storing of Sensitive Data.
Electronic Media Disposal Policies regarding the proper disposal of electronic media.
HIPPA Security Standard Policies regarding Securing HIPAA Covered Data.
HIPPA Authorized Access Standard Policies regarding Access to HIPAA Covered Data.
Lost Media Guidelines How to handle lost and found media (floppy disks, R/W Compact disks, flash drives, etc).

Web Publishing Policies

Web Template Guidelines Guidelines for IU South Bend web pages.

Computer Hardware Policies

IT Computing Hardware Computer Purchasing and Repair
Guidelines for Campus Issued Laptops IU South Bend guidelines and model choices for faculty choosing mobile technology in lieu of a desktop.

IU South Bend IT Guidelines

HIPAA Guidance Identifying Covered Data and Complying with HIPAA
Wireless Guidelines  IU South Bend Wireless Guidelines
Server Security Guidelines IU South Bend Networked Server Security Guideline.
Suspension or Termination of IU IT Access(PDF) Procedures and criteria for suspension or permanent termination of IT access.

Incident Response

IT Incident Response Procedure Procedure for responding to potential data exposure incidents.

IU Wide IT Policies

For a complete list of IU wide IT Policies, visit the University-wide Information Technology Policies page.

Appropriate Use of IT Resources IU technology resources are for the university's mission of education, research, and public service; Do not share account credentials; Do not use in violation of law, for personal gain, or for political campaigning.
Privacy of electronic information and IT resources. Privacy of information on IT resources and who can access data
Excessive Use Policy. Prohibits excessive use of resources when doing so adversely affects system availability or performance for others.
System Security Policy. Requires centers/departments to adhere to various matters of system security should they chose to attach computing systems to the IU network.
Extending the IU Network. Prohibits adding network devices such as NATs, hubs, switches, VPN servers and Wireless Access Points (WAP) to the IU network. WAPs are also covered separately by the following Wireless Access Point Policy

IT Procedures, Guides, and Other Documents

Reporting E-Mail Harassment What to do about harassing e-mail
Computer user at IU A guide of your responsibilities as a computer user at IU
IU chain mail IU chain mail policies
Copyright Act DMCA is legislation enacted by the United States Congress


Misuse and Abuse of Information Technology Resources Reporting of and sanctions for the misuse and abuse of IU IT resources.
Suspension or Termination of IU IT Access(PDF) Procedures and criteria for suspension or permanent termination of IT access.