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IU South Bend Guidelines for Campus-Issued Laptops

Laptops may now be requested by full-time faculty and administrators at director level and above in lieu of a desktop unit without incurring charges to their department.  From March 1 – June 30, 2011, the changeover from a desktop to a laptop can be made without respect to where the computer is in the lifecycle process.  After June 30, 2011, the change can only be requested when the user’s current machine is due to be replaced. A standard Dell laptop or a Mac laptop will be provided to those who choose the mobility of a laptop over a desktop.  If the user  needs a higher-end unit, approval must be granted by both the appropriate Dean and/or Vice Chancellor (upgrades under $125 may be requested with department approval).  The base configuration at this time for all units is as follows:

PC Desktop 
Dell Optiplex 780, 3.16 GHz
500 GB Hard drive
21.5/22” monitor
built-in camera
3-year warranty

Apple Desktop
iMac, 3.06 GHz
500 GB hard drive
21.5” screen
Microphone, speakers, camera
1-year warranty

PC Laptop
Dell Latitude E6520, 15.61”, i5 2.6 GHz
250 GB hard drive
Microphone and camera
4.26 lbs
3-yr Complete Care
3-yr Computrace

Apple Laptop
MacBook Pro, 13”, 2.3 GHz
4 GB RAM           
320 GB hard drive
Microphone, speakers, camera
4.7 lbs
3-yr AppleCare Protection3-yr Computrace

Laptops will include as part of the standard configuration:

  • Embedded tracking (CompuTrace)
  • Disk encryption software
  • Full coverage warranty

A carrying case will also be provided.  An additional monitor, keyboard, mouse  and docking station can be provided on request.

Laptops are to be:

  • signed out via the Mobile Computing Technology Use Form, which will be provided to the user upon delivery.  One copy of form will be kept in the department’s records and a copy sent to IT.
  • used only by the faculty member to whom it is assigned and not to be configured or used by family members or friends
  • returned on termination
  • protected from theft
  • connected to the campus network via ADS at least weekly for operating system and anti-virus patches/updates (if applicable)

If the faculty member requests a laptop but wishes to return to a desktop, the exchange can be made within the first 60 days of receipt of the laptop.  Otherwise, it will be replaced at the end of the normal lifecycle.
Administrative rights to the laptop will be granted on the same basis as for desktops (i.e., if the faculty member needs regular access for software installation, a local administrative account will be provided and the information kept on file as per instructions from Internal Audit).