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What you should know about the dangers of the Internet.

Computers have become very useful tools for communications, banking, shopping, entertainment, staying in touch with friends and family and learning about any number of interesting topics. However, the Internet has a dark side and most people are completely unaware of the pitfalls which come with this fascinating online world.

Among the malicious intentions of those who would compromise your computer are: to gain access to your personal data for identity theft, to use your computer to send spam or attack other computers on the network, to “hack” other computers through your computer, or simply to wreak juvenile mischief.

Whatever the intent, you owe it to yourself to understand the dangers and learn how to protect yourself as it may save you countless headaches, and in some cases, a substantial amount of money.


  1. The most common dangers
  2. Likely ways to get malware infections such as spyware and viruses
  3. Security at your IU South Bend workstation
  4. Securing your home computer and laptop

For more information on securing your home computer, visit IU ITSO's webpage

Printable copy of this article (pdf) : Dangers of the Internet