Security at your IU South Bend workstation

  • At IU South Bend, each workstation setup by IT has Norton Antivirus software installed which is centrally updated. However, some viruses actually disable the update and protective features of antivirus software. Ensure that Norton anti-virus is being kept up to date via Live Update and is performing regularly scheduled scans. – [ ]. When you initially start Symantec Antivirus, the date of the Virus Definition File should rarely be more than a week old.
  • Lock your workstation when it's not in use, (“Windows Key – L”) or log out. Never leave your workstation unattended while logged in.
  • Update Spybot [ ] and scan your office computer at least once a week [].
  • Update Adaware [ ] and scan your office computer at least once a week [].
  • Never keep a database or list of individual's personal information on computers other than those designated by IT as database servers.
  • Inform IT if you bring up a server on campus and follow the IT [Server Security Guideline].
  • Never share your password with anyone at any time . This includes use of your IU password to authenticate to IU systems from home.
  • It is ILLEGAL to share music and other media files if you do not have appropriate permission to distribute the files. Check the options you have set in file-sharing programs like Morpheus, KaZaA, Aimster, and Gnutella. To read more about Indiana University 's policy on file sharing, see [ File Sharing @ IU ]. For details on specific programs, see: [ Disabling Peer to Peer File Sharing ].
  • Never give out personal information (such as your Social Security #) via e-mail or on an insecure web page, or if you are concerned that your information might be intercepted and used illegally.
  • ·Clear your web browsers cache periodically, or set the cache to expire at regular intervals. For details, visit []