Office of Veteran Student Services

The Office of Veteran Student Services understands how confusing applying for VA Education benefits can be, and we are here to help! The office is staffed with current veteran students who go to school full time and work part time to help other veterans, and their family members, understand their benefits and help resolve other VA education issues that may arise.

Here you can get help with:


The Office of Veteran Student Services provides students with a better understanding of which benefits they may be applicable for and how they differ from one another. ***In no way can Veteran Student Services tell a student which benefit is best for them; that decision is solely up to the student.***  

  How to Claim Benefits:

 Applying for benefits is easy! Click on the link and follow the online application process. Two to three weeks after applying for benefits the VA will send a Certificate of Eligibility.*

Checking Claims Statuses:

The Office of Veterans Student Services certifies each student with the VA at the beginning of each semester. Once we have sent it to the VA we can check to see the status of the claim to see whether or not it has been completed by the VA. Veteran Student Services can also inform students about changing rules and regulations regarding educational benefits.

We cannot check financial information. The VA does not authorize the Veteran Student Service on Campus access into any financial information. Therefore we cannot inform a student of when they will get paid, for this information the STUDENT must call the VA at 1-888-442-4551.