How to Get Started

There are many steps that need to be completed to gain the full benefits from your GI Bill.

The first step is to get admitted to IUSB. The application process is smooth, and there are many people in admissions that are available to help you.

The second step is to determine which GI Bill you are eligible for. The links on our benefits page direct you to the current rules set out by the VA. Find the one that fits you.

Apply for benefits through the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Education Benefits site. You will get a Letter of Elegibility in the mail. Take this letter, along with a copy of your most recent DD214 to the Veteran Student Services office on campus.

Remember, some of the GI Bill Programs require you to verify your attendance. The Veteran Student Services Office cannot do this for you. Talk to one of the representatives on campus if you need assistance.