Improvements Coming for Weave

Weave software is planning some major improvements coming this academic year. The Weave company simplified their name as part of a complete evolution of their products and services. The company name is now simply “Weave” and the new logo is above. You will see these changes applied to our Weave Assessment application in the coming weeks.

Weave Effect™

The assessment and planning application will be updated with an improved user experience in the coming year. When that update is complete, the application will be launched under a new name Weave Effect™. For now we will begin to refer to WEAVEonline as simply Weave Assessment. You will begin to see this name change within our communication and materials soon; but rest assured the current application will NOT be changed without significant advance communication and transition planning.

Weave Convene™

Weave also introduced Weave Convene™, a new destination for peer-to-peer collaboration and communication. Inside Weave Convene™ you can participate in important discussions with other member institutions, share best practices, and engage in scholarly discussion regarding assessment and the scholarship of teaching. A Convene™ Quick Start Guide is also provided to walk you through the initial registration. Create a profile to access archived learning resources and join the new conversation!