Cycle 2014-2015 Open

The 2014-15 Weave cycle is now open. This means you can start entering assessment information relating to the current academic year into the Weave system.

At the end of the previous academic year (July 31st) the 2013-14 Weave assessment cycle ended. The assessment cycle mirrors the academic cycle. However, the 2013/14 Weave cycle will be open until November 1st, 2014 to allow time for getting the results together and uploaded into Weave. This calendar allows two months (September and October) after the end of the academic year to gather and analyze results. This means if your program has already input the mission, goals, outcomes, measures, and targets all that needs to be added each year to Weave are the new results, action plans and to answer the analysis questions. Make sure to answer the last analysis question which asks for a one paragraph summary of this year's assessment work. If your program does not have a paragraph here in Weave it will be blank on the Assessment of Student Learning web area. In addition each program needs to have a curriculum map in Weave.

Since the 2014-15 Weave cycle is now open, you will need to copy any new information you enter in the 2013-14 cycle forward into the new cycle. Be sure when you save to “Copy Edits Forward” Fields to Copy: Condensed Description, Description, Relevant Associations

Cycles to Update: 2014-2015

Mark all boxes. That way what you are inputting in the 2013-2014 cycle will be carried forward to the 2014-2015 cycle. This applies to all fields except of course the findings (results) area.

Any information input into the new cycle (2014-2015) will not show up in the prior cycle (2013-2014) which enables an archival record of improvement.

Thank you for your continued efforts with assessment on our campus. If you have any questions, please contact the Weave Assessment Administrator, Michelle Bakerson at