Websites for Student Clubs and Organizations

IU South Bend student clubs and organizations are welcome to develop websites to provide information and promote their activities. The representatives of the club/organization can construct their website themselves through a program called Site Builder. Because the websites represent IU South Bend and are housed in the IU South Bend Web Content Management System (WCMS) proper approvals and guidelines must be followed. All IU South Bend clubs and organizations must get approval to establish a website from their Administrative Sponsor, who is Gary Demski, executive director of athletics and activities.

If your club or organization is interested in creating a website, fill out the form below with the specified information to get the approval process started.

Once approved, Gary will forward the request to the Marketing Department for final approval and a folder will be created within WCMS and the club representatives will be notified that they can begin working on their website using Site Builder.

Primary Contact Information

Club Site Information:

Enter the university user names (e.g., gdemski) of anyone who will need access to the website to enter information or make changes (at least one user must be listed)

*If more than 3 users will need access please send an email with all of the user names to

Instructions for creating a website using Site Builder can be found at:

If you have questions or need help with your website call the UITS Support Center at 520-5555 or email Your issue will be put in a queue and a WCMS representative will contact you.

The Office of Student Life and the Office of Communications and Marketing will monitor the websites and have the authority to request changes, make changes, and remove any website if necessary. Websites will need to be renewed each year.

Please use your website responsibly, keep it maintained, and make sure it is a positive reflection of the students of IU South Bend.