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Using the Zip Archive

The Zip Archive feature of Cascade allows you to upload multiple documents, or images at one time in the form of a compressed folder (.Zip file).

If you need help creating a .Zip file, follow one of the instructional guides below:

Uploading Multiple Files (Zip archives)

1.) Click on the “Tools” drop down menu at the top of the page and select the “Zip Archive” option.


2.) Click on the Image of the folder next to  “Placement Folder “


3.) Select the “Docs” folder for your site or whichever folder you are using to store documents. 


4.) Click on the browse button and select the ZIP Archive that you wish to upload from your computer, then click the submit button. 



5.) Cascade will unzip the files for you and store them in the selected folder. You will now be able to link to the files as you need.

**Note** On Macintosh operating systems Cascade will create a folder called “MACOSX”.  This folder contains duplicates of the files you added to your selected folder and can be deleted.