this is a photo of an ethernet cable

Training Material

Inserting an Image in a Page

Locate and click on the page which you want to insert the image to. In this example, we will insert an image to the Test Page under the Training-Materials folder (figure 25).

figure 25

Look for the Edit tab at the top and click on it (figure 26).

figure 26

Once the page is loaded, look for the department-page-data section, and then Main Page Content box. In the content box, place your mouse to the area you want to insert the image. Then click on the Insert/Edit image icon (figure 27).

figure 27

In the Insert/Edit Image pop-up window, click on the brown browse icon. Locate your image in the folder it resided, click on the name of the image and then click on Confirm button. Type in a meaningful description to describe the image in the Alternate Text field. Lastly, click the Insert button. Don't resize image within the content box, image should be resized properly before it is inserted into a webpage (figure 28).

figure 28

Below is how the image appears in the content box (figure 29).

figure 29