this is a photo of an ethernet cable

Training Material

Creating a New Page

In the menu at the top click on "New" then move your mouse over "WRAP_SDDU" (1), then SB_IUSB_CAMPUS" (2), then "IUSB_Site" (3), then "Schools and Departments" (4), and then click on your departments name (5) (figure 7).

new page

You should now see the screen below after you clicked on your department's name (figure 8).

system name

In the text box which is labeled "System Name" (see figure 8), replace "WCMS-Support-page- base-asset" with a new name appropriate to the new page. This will be the page's file name. The system name is the file name that will show in the folder list .Click on the "submit" button. When naming a page in the system, use one to three words. The page name should be lowercase and no space. If necessary, it is possible to use "–" or " _".

display/system name