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Training Material

Editing a page in WCMS

Click on the "Edit" tab towards the top of your page

edit tab

Change the display name (see figure 11) to what you want the link to say on the left navigation bar. For example, if this page is a general description of WCMS, a good way to refer to it might be "About WCMS". If I change the display name to that it will appear in the left navigation bar as "About WCMS".

display name

Now scroll down to the next section which is labeled "department-page-data".

The first sub-section is labeled "Main Page Content". This is where you enter the main content of your page.

Main Page Content

main page content

At the top of the "Main Page Content" area there is a box labeled "Content Heading" (1), designated by the #1 in Figure 12 above. Here you enter a heading that goes in the content area. If you do not want a heading in the content area make sure the box is empty by deleting "Replace this content with your own".

Beneath the "Main Page Content" you will see the "Content Area" (2). This is where you will be doing most of your editing. Content can be added by typing or with cut and paste. At the top of the content box, there is a menu with various editing options similar to those found in many word processors and text editors. The function of each button can be found by hovering the mouse over the button in question

Special tip: To copy and paste you need to use ctrl-c and control ctrl-v to copy and paste. Using the right click menu will not work.