this is a photo of an ethernet cable

Training Material

Uploading an Image in WCMS

Note: The width of the image shout NOT exceed 600 pixels.

Locate and click on the folder where you want to put the image. In this example, we will upload an image to the images folder under _WCMS Support folder (figure 21).

figure 21

At the top navigation bar, follow the following path:


image path

On the "New File" page, type in the file name for the image (e.g. car.jpg) in the System Name field. Then look for the File Upload field and click on the browse button. Select the image in the 15 pop-up window and click Open. The image will then show up in the Edit File Contents box. Click Submit button to upload the image to WCMS. Figure 22 4. To view the image you just uploaded, go to the images folder (figure 22).

figure 22

To view the image that you just uploaded, go to the images folder (figure 23).

figure 23