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Troubleshooting in WCMS

While working in WCMS you may encounter errors or problems. For additional support or resources you can visit the WCMS@IU website.

Some common problems you might encounter:

I Can't Create a Link in WCMS

My Page Won't Publish Online

I Don't Have Access to WCMS

I Can't See My Site in WCMS

My Subdomain Won't Work

My Page Isn't Viewing Correctly

I Can't Create a Link in WCMS:

If you are changing an existing link make sure to "break" or "unlink" it first before changing the link.

Be sure your link browse window is not behind your browser. Sometimes when clicking around the window can be hidden behind your browser.

My Page Won't Publish Online:

Click "submit" at the bottom of the page before selecting "Publish". If you select "Publish" first your browser may navigate you away from the page you are working on.

Be sure you are highlighting the page you want to publish in your site folder. Select the dropdown arrow and click "Publish" or select "Publish" when viewing the page on the top right tab next to "more".

Make sure you have refreshed the page online. Sometimes publishing can take time if there are other items in the system waiting to be published.

I Don't Have Access to WCMS

If you are having problems accessing WCMS even after visiting WCMS@IU, contact the UITS Support Center.

I Can't See My Site in WCMS

If you can't see your site folder in WCMS or can't gain access to view your folder, contact the UITS Support Center and tell them what site specifically you need to gain access to.

My Subdomain Won't Work

Unfortunately, only the addresses without the “www” work. Please refrain from using “www” when promoting your department websites. The only use of “www” going forward will be for the campus website

My Page Isn't Viewing Correctly

Some pages may view with disrupted templates if users are viewing the page on Internet Explorer version 7 or older. Newer versions of IE as well as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, should view the templates correctly. Unfortunatly, we cannot devote time to reparing compatiblity issues on old versions of browsers. If you are using an up-to-date version of IE, Firefox, or Chrome and are still having visibility problems contact the UITS Support Center and tell them what site (URL) and what problem you are experiencing.