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IU South Bend Police Department

If you are the victim of a sexual assault get help as soon as possible.  Persons who are the victim of a sex offense on campus, or at the Elkhart center may report the incident to the IU  police, or to the South Bend or Elkhart Police Department. IU police department personnel can also assist you in contacting the appropriate law enforcement agency for crimes not occurring on university property. 

It is the victim's choice whether or not to talk to police.  A victim may choose to report the crime to any other community official or agency. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management or their designee is usually informed of any serious incident involving an IU South Bend student.

Victims of a sexual assault should seek medical attention because of the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, in order to determine the presence of physical injury, and to obtain evidence to help in the investigation.  Not seeking medical attention could have physical and emotional consequences.  IU police department personnel will assist a victim with transportation to a hospital, if necessary.  Most area hospitals have specially trained personnel to deal with sexual assaults. 

If an offense involves another student, in addition to criminal prosecution, disciplinary action may be initiated within the university.  The accuser and the accused are entitled to the same opportunities to have others present during a disciplinary proceeding. The outcome of the proceedings will be provided to both the accuser and the accused.  Sanctions may include counseling, suspension or expulsion. Student victims may also request changes in university classroom and/or living arrangements, and those requests will be granted when such changes are reasonably available. Additional information regarding university procedures is contained in the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct. The IU South Bend campus police department has information pamphlets available regarding rape and date rape.

The IU South Bend police department prepares reports and investigates crimes that occur on our campus, at the Elkhart Center, or on any property owned or controlled by the University. Any crime or suspicious situation should be reported to police or security personnel.  To report a crime on the IU South Bend campus, or the Elkhart Center, site dial 4239 from any IU South Bend campus or building phone.  Dial 520-4239 if calling from outside the university telephone system.  At the Elkhart Center contact center staff at 520-4000 or contact the Elkhart police department at 295-7070.  We encourage the prompt reporting of all crimes on our campus or other university property so that we may warn others of any danger.
A person reporting a crime to IU police may also report the incident to the local police department having jurisdiction. IU police officers can discuss this option with the victim of a crime, and inform them of the procedure.
Confidential reports, which provide sufficient information for classification by law enforcement officials using guidelines established by the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program will be included in campus crime statistics.  Professional and pastoral counselors are encouraged to inform persons whom they counsel of our procedures for reporting such crimes, when they deem it appropriate.  Confidential crime reports made to counselors may be provided to IU South Bend campus police authorities with no personally identifying information disclosed.  Report forms are available from campus police to use in reporting crimes for inclusion in our annual campus crime statistics.
Crime alert bulletins are posted and information disseminated of any incident that in the judgment of the campus police could jeopardize the safety of university personnel, students, or visitors. In such a circumstance a campus wide warning will be issued. Hardcopy "Crime Alerts" are posted at building entrances, and electronic alerts are placed on the campus electronic bulletin board, which is accessible by computer by all faculty , staff and students.  Depending on the circumstances, an alert may be posted on the department University website at
Police daily logs are open to the general public for inspection. Monthly and annual IU South Bend crime reports involving persons or property are posted on our department bulletin boards, which are located in all campus buildings and at the Elkhart Center.

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