Course Offerings

A full list of current course offerings can be found on the IU South Bend Schedule of Classes.

FALL 2017 Women’s & Gender Studies Classes

See online schedule for class sections, times, and locations at:

WGS-B399: "Race and Reproductive Rights," T 5:30-8 pm, Gerken

WGS 190: "Biology of Women," Th 5:30-8 pm, Bishop 

WGS T190: "Sex Wars," First Year Seminar, TR 11:30-12:45, Lidinsky 

WGS T190: "Bad Mothers," MW 4-5:15, He

WGS-W100: "Intro to Gender Studies," TR 2:30-3:45, Lidinsky

Meets Diversity in US Society Gen Ed requirement

WGS-W299: "Research Methods in WGS," MW 1-2:15, Gerken

WGS-W301: "Int’l. Perspectives on Women," MW 1-2:15, Gerken

Meets Non-Western Culture Gen Ed requirement

WGS-W302: "Gender and Communication," TR 11:30-12:45, Meluch

WGS-W302: "Women in the Visual Arts,"  MW 1-2:15, Rusnock

WGS-W302: "Gender and Biography," TR 1-2:15, Zwicker

WGS-W480: "Practicum (for WGS majors)," by arrangement, Lidinsky