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How to Declare a Major/Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

To officially declare a major in Women's & Gender Studies (or a double major in Women’s & Gender Studies and another department), contact the Director of Women’s& Gender Studies, Prof. April Lidinsky, at 520-4528 or by email You will also need to visit the Office of Student Services in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (3300B Wiekamp Hall)  to fill out paperwork for a declared major.

To officially declare a minor in Women's & Gender Studies, contact the counselor/recorder in the School or College where you are obtaining your major and notify them of your intent to minor in Women's & Gender Studies AND see Prof. Lidinsky (2257 Wiekamp Hall) to complete a  "Declaration of Women's & Gender Studies Minor" form.

Bachelor of Arts in Women's and Gender Studies

The Women's & Gender Studies major is intended to introduce students to the intellectual and methodological perspectives and practices characteristic of the discipline, within the context of a liberal arts education. The program is designed to prepare students for immediate entry into the workplace, as well as to pursue further graduate study. Students must meet the general education requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree as well as complete the 30 hours concentration in Women's Studies. The major requires the completion of 15-18 credit hours of Women's & Gender Studies core courses, 9-12 credit hours of joint-listed courses, and 3 credit hours of courses chosen from core, joint-listed or cross-listed offerings. Of the thirty (30) credit hours required for the major, at least fifteen (15) must be at the 300-level or above.

Joint-Listed and Cross-Listed Courses

Joint-Listed Courses

Joint-listed courses have a WGS prefix and a department letter designation before the number, i.e., WGS H260.

  • WGS-A 385, Topics in Anthropology: Motherhood (counts only when this topic)
  • WGS-B 260, Women, Men and Society in Modern Europe
  • WGS-E 391, Women in Developing Countries
  • WGS-H 260, History of American Women
  • WGS-H 425, Women as Agents of Change
  • WGS-L 207, Women and Literature
  • WGS-N 200, The Biology of Women
  • WGS-P 391, Psychology of Gender, Race & Ethnicity
  • WGS-P 460, Women: A Psychological Perspective
  • WGS-P 394, Feminist Philosophy
  • WGS-S 310, The Sociology of Women in America
  • WGS-S 338, Sociology of Gender Roles
  • WGS-S 349, Topics in Contemporary Social Theory: Feminist Theory (counts only when this topic)
  • WGS-S 410, Topics: Work, Gender and Race (counts only when this topic)
  • WGS-Y 327, Gender Politics in the United States

Cross-Listed Courses

Cross-listed courses have no WGS prefix. A significant portion of the material in these courses focuses on women and/or uses gender as a major analytical tool. These courses vary each semester. Do not assume that if a course was cross-listed in the past that it is still cross-listed. Check the Women's & GenderStudies section of the current Course Listings book to see what cross-listed courses are available each semester. Examples of past years' offerings include the following:

  • K492, Women's Health Issues
  • S164, Marital Relations and Sexuality
  • S316, Sociology of the Family