April Lidinsky

2257 Wiekamp Hall
(574) 520-4528


I have been teaching at IU South Bend since Spring 2003. My teaching and research interests include:

Women's Autobiographical Writing

Anglo-American women's history

19th century cultural history (focusing on race and class)

African-American literature and culture

Feminist Theory

Popular Culture and Gender

Girl Culture

19th-21st century fiction and non-fiction

Creative non-fiction

Courses Taught

In addition to the Introduction to Gender Studies course I have taught every semester since 2003 (and which I find fun and eye-opening every time), I have taught:

American Women's Autobiography

Feminist Icons

Feminist Methods

Feminist Theory

Ethnic Women Writers

Body Politics

Interpreting the Female Body

Science Fiction and the Body

Women and Sustainability

American Girls and Popular Culture

Hot Topics in Feminism

Selected Publications

"Before They Could Vote: Reading One Hundred Years of American Women's Autobiography," by April Lidinsky. Tranformations, Spring/Summer 2007, Vol.XVIII, No.1, pp.83-95.

Textbook, co-authored with Stuart Greene, From Inquiry to Academic Writing: A Text and Reader, 2008 Bedford/St.Martin's.

Instructor's Manual, co-authored with Stuart Greene, From Inquiry to Academic Writing: A Practical Guide, 2008 Bedford/St.Martin's.

"The Gender of War: What Fahrenheit 9/11's Women (Don't) Say." International Feminist Journal of Politics, 7:1, March/April 2005.

"Approaches to Difficulty: Helping Students 'Make Their Way' in Challenging Texts," in A Guide to Teaching with Literacies: Reading Writing, Interpretation, edited by Terrence Brunk, Priscilla Perkins, and Ken Smith, W.W. Norton & Company,  1997.

And Now, "Michiana Chronicles": Selected Radio Essays.Wolfson Press, 2007.

Honors and Awards

2007 Regional Edward R.Murrow Award for Exellence in Writing, for "Michiana Chronicles" contributions.

Trustee's Teaching Award, 2006

AAUW Emerging Leaders Award for Indiana , 2006

Faculty Research Grant for $8,000. Awarded summer 2005

Winner of the Francis J. O'Malley Award for Excellence in Teaching Writing at the University of Notre Dame, 1999

Barry V. Qualls Dissertation Fellowship, Rutgers, 1993-1994

Excellence Fellow at Rutgers University, 1989-1993