Christina Gerken

Office: 2259 Wiekamp Hall

Research Interests:

Gender, Sexuality and Race in U.S. Immigration

Cultural Citizenship and Community Building

Race, Gender, and Public Policy

Women of Color

Transnational Women’s Movements

Reproductive Rights

Courses taught:

Gender Studies

Research Methods in Women’s Studies

International Perspectives on Women

Gender, Sexuality and Race in Contemporary U.S. Immigration

Race and Reproductive Rights


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Selected Conference Presentations:

“The DREAMers: Narratives of Deservingness in Pro-Immigrant Activism in the 21st Century." Annual Meeting of the German Association for American Studies. Mainz, Germany, June 2012.

"Reforming Immigration, Transforming America? Current Debates about “Illegal” Immigrant Students." Annual Meeting of the American Studies Association, Baltimore, October 2011.

“Feminist Pedagogy in a Post-feminist Classroom.” Michigan Women’s Studies Association Conference, Grand Rapids, MI. March 2011.

“Creating a Pathway to Citizenship for Undocumented Youth: Current Debates about the DREAM Act.” Midwest Popular Culture/American Culture Association: Annual Conference. Minneapolis, MN. October 2010.

“‘Dwelling in the Shadows of the American Dream:’ News Media Representations of Latina Immigrant Mothers.” Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters Conference. Grand Rapids, MI. March 2010.

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