Women's and Gender Studies Feminist Scholarship

IU South Bend Outstanding Student in Women's and Gender Studies Award

WGS Essay Contest Winners, Research Category

WGS Essay Contest Winners, Creative Category

Pat McNeal Agent of Change Award

Women's and Gender Studies Feminist Scholarship

This award was created to support undergraduate students majoring in Women's and Gender Studies at IU South Bend.

Each Scholarship will be a minimum of $2,500 and is not renewable.

Deadline:  March 10, 2017

For more information, please go to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

2016-2017 Recipient: Rhonda Redman

IU South Bend Outstanding Student in Women's and Gender Studies Award

2015-2015    Myrna Haas

2014-2015    Amanda Crockett and Jennifer Faulkner-Jones

2013-2014    Bethany Dobson

2012-2013    Wendy Davis

2011-2012    Mackenzie Cook

2010-2011    Kellirae Boann, Mo Pickar

2009-2010    Noel Ullery

2008-2009    Amanda Buday

2007-2008    Kris Cravens-Hutton

2006-2007    Alison Moss

2005-2006    Amanda Fack

2004-2005    Aryn Schounce

2003-2004    Rebecca Shaffer

2002-2003    Suzette Vandewalle

2001-2002    Peggy Miller

2000-2001    Catherine T. Romano

1999-2000    Heather A. Dicks

1998-1999    Geraldine Bryan

1997-1998    Patricia Marvel

1996-1997    Emily Philotoff

1995-1996    Lori McNeil

1994-1995    Kirstin Golden

1993-1994    Kelly Burns

WGS Essay Contest Winners, Research Category

WGS holds a writing contest open to all IU South Bend undergraduate students each year. We accept submissions related to gender, women’s experiences, or sexuality in 2 categories: creative (poetry, stories) or research (essays, empirical research). The deadline is in January each year. Submit your work to the Women’s Studies office Wiekamp 2228. Please limit submissions to 20 pages, and attach 2 title pages to your work: one with your name, title  of work, and your contact information, and another with only the title of your work to ensure blind review by a panel of judges. There is a monetary prize for the winning entries, and winning writers are publicly acknowledged at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Honors Night each spring.

2015-16    Stephen Salisbury for "'What's the Difference?' A Sociological Analysis of Age-Disparate Relationships and How They Fit in As a Contested Sexuality” 

2012-13    Patricia Linner for "The Role of Race and Class in the Criminalization of Motherhood" 

2011-12    Austin Blue for "Trans as Chaos: The Struggle for Transgender Autonomy" 

2010-11    Rebecca Gibson for "Looking at Me, Looking at You: What Does the Camera in American Film Represent?"

2009-10    Noel Ullery for "What Natalie Dylan Means for 'Virginity'"

2008-09    Alisha Neuschwander for "The Woman on the Street: Ordinary Women as Spies in World War One"

2007-08    Elaine Roughton for "Are We People? Examining British Married Women's Struggle to Gain the Vote."

2006-07    Alison Moss for "Controlling Images of Black Men"

2005-06    Sarah Barth for "Different Genders, Different Pathologies: A Study of DSM Disorders and Suggestions for Preventing Bias in Future Mental Health Professionals"

2004-05    Julie Harner for "No Language...Merely a Cry: Factors Effecting the Beliefs in the Claims of Most Rape Victims"

2003-04    Brooke Chapla for "The Fluidity of Gender as presented in Some Like It Hot"

2002-03    Kelly Lanko for "The Burden of Slavery"

2001-02    Peggy A. Miller for "One is the Loneliest Number"

2000-01    Heather A. Dicks foe "The Impact of Masculinity on Civil-Military Relations"

1999-00    Heather A. Dicks for "Ancient Dead White Males and the Future of Feminism"
and Linda Jacobson for "Kanter Revisited: A study of the Contemporary Boss-Secretary Relationship"

1998-99    Jeanne Berger and Jolenta Brown for "Body Image in Women Over the Age of 50"

1997-98    Angela Hawkins for "Opinions Regarding Responsibility for the Success or Failure of a Marriage: The Male and Female Perspective"

1996-97    Elizabeth Penn-Grove for "World War II: Women Who Served"

1995-96    David Young for "Feminism and Deconstruction: A Theoretically Happy Marriage"

1994-95    Mary Bechtel for "Young Witness to Domestic Violence"

WGS Essay Contest Winners, Creative Category

2005-06    Lisa Berlincourt for "Ellen's Idea"

2004-05    Carrie Vrabel for "Incorporeal"

2003-04    Martha Everett Smith for "Buckeyes"

2002-03    Annie Tanger for "Confessions"

2001-02    Kathryn Kolar for "Butterflies"

2000-01    Ruth Cueva for "Under the Chicano Sun"

1999-00    Karen Jacob for "Pomegranate Blossom"

1998-99    Cathy Shelly for "1963"

1997-98    Tanya L. Cain for "Blind"

1996-97    Rahnee Patrick for "The Living" and "Virtual Reality"

1995-96    Christine Hensley for "A Time Not Soon Forgotten"

1994-95    Betty Benson for "An Attemp at the Juxtaposition..." and Cynthia LaFollette for "Denn Du Bist Mild"

Pat McNeal Agent of Change Award

2015-2016    Rhonda Redman and Andi Trowbridge

2014-2015    Dominique Bonilla and Cassandra Castro

2013-2014    Brittanny Feathers and Keegan Zoll

2012-2013    Rachel Cheeseman

2011-2012    Brennan Lennox

2010-2011    Noel Ullery

2009-2010    Maureen Pickar

2008-2009    Cristy Cummings

2008-2009    Courtney Hardman

2007-2008    Alison Moss