Your Health Your Way and Healthy IU will empower, educate, and offer environmental tools to encourage members of the IU community to live their best life.


  • Quality through respect for the uniqueness of each individual and campus
  • Transparency in Health IU design, delivery and evaluation
  • Individual responsibility for personal health and well-being
  • Collaboration and optimal use of resources
  • Utilization of IU campus resources to foster learning for all
  • Environments, systems, and policies supportive of positive lifestyle


Healthy IU is fortunate to have stellar resources within our campuses. Our objectives are to raise awareness, build skills and create an environment where the healthy choice is the easy choice. IU is a complex system; working together we will weave a culture of wellness into the fabric of IU at the individual, departmental, campus, and university-wide levels.

Co-Chair: Helene Cooper and Kari Frame

Sue Anderson

Jamie Ashmore

Dé Bryant

Lynn Davis

Alison Derdzinski

Kathy Doerscher

Lee Scott-Green

Maureen Green

Michelle Hairston

Dina Harris

Maureen Kennedy

Bill O'Donnell

Kathleen Pizana

Kellene Quillen

Allison Smith

Robin Wesley