Loans are money borrowed from a financial institution, the Federal Government, or the university to pay for college expenses and must be repaid.

  • To be considered, students must request loan funds via the FAFSA.
  • Students must complete a master promissory note for all loans before funds are credited to their account.
  • Federal Direct Loan Program: These loans are low interest loans available to students enrolled at least half time. The interest rate is fixed. Interest is paid by the government on federally subsidized (need-based) loans. Interest will be charged beginning when the loan is disbursed on unsubsidized (non-need-based) loans. Repayment begins six months after graduation or when the student drops below half-time status.
    Direct Loan Rights and Responsibilities

If you accept a Federal Direct Loan, you will not be borrowing from a bank. Direct Loans are loans made with federal capital and owned by the federal government. Loan repayments are made to the government, and Direct Loans are never sold.

How to Accept Federal Loans via One.IU

There are two types of Direct Loans available to students—subsidized and unsubsidized.

Subsidized loans are federal loans which the government pays the interest on while the student maintains at least half-time enrollment.

If a student receives an unsubsidized loan, he or she is expected to pay the interest while enrolled in school or have it capitalized. Unsubsidized loans can replace expected family contribution.

The Office of Financial Aid administers the loans; determines your loan eligibility; approves the loan; confirms the promissory note, when necessary; receives the funds from the federal government; and credits the loan amount directly to your University student account.

Bursar's Loan Cancellation/Reduction Request Form

Please note: Because IU South Bend participates in the Direct Loan program; we do NOT process Subsidized, Unsubsidized Stafford Loans or PLUS Loans through private lenders.

Federal Parent Loans for Undergraduate Student (PLUS): The PLUS program provides an opportunity for parents of dependent undergraduate students to borrow through the Direct Loan program. The maximum interest rate for a PLUS loan is 7.9 percent and repayment begins within 60 days of disbursement of the loan.

Parent PLUS loan applications may only be submitted electronically. Parents will need to complete the form at by using the SIGN IN button and following these additional steps.

  1. Request a Direct PLUS Loan,
  2. Select Parent Plus at the bottom of the page,
  3. Complete the application, and
  4. Submit the application.

Private Student Loans

Private student loans are offered by private lending institutions as an alternative aid option if additional funding is needed to supplement your state and federal aid. Before you consider borrowing a private student loan, we recommend you apply for federal student loans, which generally have better terms and could have lower interest rates.
You should consider a number of factors before applying for a private student loan. For your convenience we have listed several of those factors below:

  • Private student loans could have higher interest rate loans with interest that accrues while the student is in school.
  • Students must have a good credit history to obtain private student loans. You may need a credit worthy co-borrower to receive a private student loan.
  • The interest rate on your private student loan maybe variable and increase over time.

To apply for a private loan:

  1. Students should make an appointment with a Financial Aid Administrator before applying for an alternative loan by calling 574.520.4357.
  2. Select a Lender. IUSB does not recommend any private education loan program. If you need help finding a lender please visit the INvestED or Credible Marketplaces.

Emergency Loan Funds

Limited Emergency Loan funds are available when students have run out of funding options. Funding is limited.  Student’s should review each loan application to determine which is best for them. You are required to complete applications. 

Miller Loan Application  Crimson Loan Application

You may make an appointment to discuss by calling 574-520-4357.

PLEASE REVIEW THE CRITERIA AND REQUIREMENTS TO RECEIVE AN EMERGENCY LOAN. Priority is given to students with outstanding tuition and fee cost during their final year/semester.

Loans for Graduate Students

Graduate students often receive help with graduate school expenses through government and private education loans, which all must be repaid. IU South Bend graduate students may be eligible for a Federal Direct Loan. However, those who do not qualify for a federal loan should consider applying for an alternative loan through a private lending institution.

All graduate students receiving a loan from the government must complete a master promissory note and an Entrance Interview before loan funds are credited to their account. The promissory note and forms are available online at

Grad plus loan

Graduate students must be enrolled at least half-time in a graduate or professional program, cannot have an adverse credit history, and must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards to be eligible for this loan. Please read the information on the Grad Plus Loan FAQ for more details.

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