Titans Feeding Titans

“A problem known as food insecurity — a lack of nutritional food — is not typically associated with U.S. college students. But it is increasingly on the radar of administrators, who report seeing more hungry students, especially at schools that enroll a high percentage of youths who are from low-income families or are the first generation to attend college”
The Washington Post

At Titans Feeding Titans, our vision is that no student attending IU South Bend’s campus should have to endure going without food and that everyone will have access to nutritious and quality food.


Titans feeding Titans is run by student and staff volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us by email.

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Mission and Vision

Mission To provide IU South Bend students with supplemental non-perishable food items in times of need to alleviate hunger.

Vision No student attending IU South Bend’s campus should have to endure going without food. Everyone will have access to nutritious and quality food.


Organizational Values

Respect We respect the inherent worth of students and treat them with empathy, fairness, and justice. We accept one another and support diversity of thoughts and ideas.

Integrity We act with honesty, trust, and openness and deliver on commitments. Our intentions and actions will be transparent and above reproach.

Service We believe service to others is essential to alleviating food insecurity for students. We serve with merit, compassion and receptivity to meet the needs of those with whom seek out our services.

Stewardship and Accountability We keep faith with the community partners through the efficient and effective use of resources entrusted to us and are mindful that our mission is accomplished through the charity of others.

Advocacy We commit ourselves to supporting and encouraging students to join the cause of ending food insecurity on campus. We will engage students, volunteers, professors, and staff through widespread initiatives and outreach projects.

Indiana University South Bend

1700 Mishawaka Ave
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Phone: 574-520-4872